Saturday, 22 August 2015

8 Budding Indian Fashion Designers to Follow

No one can deny the absolute authority that celebrated fashion designers cast over a person of finer tastes. However, there remains due a stage of saturation when you think everything that exists seems too predictable and done. Enter a new battalion of Indian Fashion Designers marching straight to the limelight in a no nonsense manner.

    1.       Pratima Pandey- Prama

Basic prints like stripes, dots and simple motifs amalgamated with delicate embroidery brings well structured pinafores to life which come paired with loose skirts. Most pieces by Pratima are elaborate affair of monochrome colour-play which she excellently aces by working with fabric textures. Say yes to a life of carefree style with Prama, a brand by the designer herself

2.       Ragini Ahuja- lkai

A dash of ‘cool’, handful of ‘handsomeness’, eccentric silhouettes worked together in a beautiful fashion is what one can call a signature Ragini Ahuja creation. Working revolutionarily on nude colours and unconventional structures lead her into giving birth to the fashion and apparel brand ‘Ikai.’

   3.       Archana Rao- Frou Frou

Winner of the 2012-13 Vogue India Fashion Fund award Archana Rao gathered all applaud and praises for her collection at the event that was a captivating blend of vintage and modern. Find all by her at the label Frou Frou.

      4.       Mrinalini Gupta- Mrinalini

Backed with a raw and wild instinct, Mrinalini’s creations provide you a break from whats conventional at the ramp. Bauble love is one distinct characteristic that stands out in her pieces. For more info, check out her label Mrinalini.

5.       Nupur Kanoi 

Discover the uncharted territories of fashion with the new found ‘queen of sensuality’, Nupur Kanoi. Pleated kurtas , draped skirts and all else to ignite that feminine mystique Nupur is a hot favourite.

6.    Ruchika sachdeva- Bodice

 Mostly ‘casual chic meets bohemian tomboy’ reeking clothing that appeals the unrestricted sense of fashion of any connoisseur, Ruchika is a heart stealer. Label Bodice comprises of all what she has to offer.

    7.     Hemant and Nandita

If hottest trends had a language they’d speak Hemant and Nandita. Playing around with colours, prints, patterns and techniques not so subtle, the designer duo knows what it takes to own the limelight.

8. Anavila

A glimpse of the style sense & sensibilities of generation next is Anavila Mishra with      authentic organic linen saris that she gets folk artisans to craft. Social welfare and fashion in one bite ? Consider us sold!