Saturday, 10 October 2015

Why slipping on a Banana Peel is a good idea?

Ever slipped on a banana peel? Did not you? Well, you should!

Thinking of bananas can be a reminder of many a things, some pleasant and some not so much. However, years of research and fortunate/unfortunate incidents have made us realize the importance of wonder fruit lately.

Banana is a rich source of various nutrients and can ease out your life in more ways than one.

1.       Saving your pearly-s

Unending attempts at tooth whitening techniques and you know little success? Well, consider those days as numbered. We have banana peels to rescue you. Experts (read grandmothers) suggest rubbing a banana peels directly on your teeth for two minutes as a daily rituals, and watch the yellowness of the teeth reduce visibly in a few days.

2     Killing the headache

Researches (at home, under mom’s supervision) have shown that holding a banana peel against one’s forehead in the face of a headache can reduce it and bring it to an eventual relief. Sounds like you are going to need a lot of bananas and banana eaters after reading this one.

3.       Arming against Acne

Got an army of acne fighters on your dressing shelf, but after years of use they all appear martyrs? Hire Mr. Banana Peel, the cover super-agent you solely require to stop the unwanted outburst and the messy aftermath.

4.       So, Shiny shoe

Think the conventional shoe polish is too main-stream? Why not try a banana peel? Rub a banana peel all over your shoe and then clean the shoe with a soft cloth. Grin your white teeth and look at its reflection in the shiny shoe, all thanks to the peel.

5.       Skin Selects

Banana Peel can be the absolute savior for your moisture deprived parched skin that is laden with diseases and infection. Rub it directly onto the body parts for appropriate moisture management. Even skin ailments like psoriasis are known to have been cured with this healing agent.

6.       Revitalize the store room

Breathe new life into the old junk furniture stocked in the store room with boon like qualities of our own Banana peels. Rubbing the skin against old wood furniture, repairs the cracks and marks therein, giving it a finished look.

Don’t you wish to slip your way through this peel too?