Thursday, 18 September 2014

Why is the the perfect online shopping destination for you?


Marching through the malls/bazaars in search of that perfect Indian wear option can be nightmarish even while it is a thought. Our busy lifestyles offer us many constraints to prevent us from going and hunting for our ideal fashion choices, especially Indian wear. However, they say necessity is the mother of invention, and so be it. The Ethnic Route was born to bring the vibrant bazaar of Indian Ethnic wear to you, making life so much easier (read convenient). At the fear of almost bragging, we bring to you the reasons why you must shop at The Ethnic Route:  

  • Custom Tailoring:

If you are an Indian-wear fanatic, you know what a hassle it is to run after tailors to get that perfect blouse stitched and you can totally relate to the feeling of how the hole burnt in your pocket hurts, when the boutique lady charges obnoxious prices for stitching the already expensive suit you bought form the market.

We at The Ethnic Route understand your pathos when it comes to Indian Clothing. But we pledge to not let this extra responsibility of getting things stitched let you deter from exploring the graceful options that present themselves as Indian Wear. We offer customized tailoring at economic prices to save you from the plunders of the seamstress.

  •  What you see is what you get

Disappointed by prior experiences of online shopping, where the things you order turn out to be different, when they make their way from your computer screens to your front doors? Get ready to wear your happy hat, because at The Ethnic Route you only get what you see. All the pictures of the products have been clicked at our in-house studio and thus are an exact representation of what you get in your hands, when you click the ‘buy’ button.

  •   Worldwide Delivery

We at The Ethnic Route like to look beyond limits. Our platform itself is an attempt to break the conventional shopping habits where women go sprawling the bazaars in search of Indian wearable elegance. We offer the luxury of choosing from a range of well-curated products which are at display and are just a few clicks away.

We provide our customers with limitless (AKA Worldwide) delivery. Whatever corner of the world you put up in, we are more than happy to bring some Indian-ess to your door step.

  • Carefully Curated Versatile Collections

Do fashion pangs give you sleepless night as soon as the new month sets in? We have got the perfect medicine. We understand that new styles, silhouettes, trending colours are an important component of the fashion choices that you make. Consequently, we keep our online portal fully equipped with the fashion essentials of the times. With our carefully selected options of Indian wear enlisted on our website, you are sure to quench that fashion-ista inside of you. Treat yourself now!

  • Free Shipping all across India

To treat our own Indian audiences, The Ethnic Route offers free shipping all across the country. You never have to fret about any extra charges that most other online shopping portals charge to deliver the products to you, the esteemed customer. We have a track record of delivering our products in stipulated time with the help of our efficient shipping partners.

  •   Excellent Customer Support

All this awesomeness to enhance your shopping experience may appear beguiling. We understand your concern. We are just a call/mail away when you have any inhibitions or queries that might be popping up in your mind. We can’t see any reasons keeping you from hopping onto The Ethnic Route wagon to stock your closets and we believe neither can’t you.