Monday, 6 October 2014

Stunning Saree Drape Styles, You Need To Try Now !!

What is a saree that is not draped gracefully enough? The drape is the style in which a saree (or a piece of clothing) is swaddled around the body. The four meters of cloth howsoever beautiful needs a proper draping, for someone to appreciate its worth. Drape is personal style element you can add to a designer saree.


One might get a little bored of trying the same draping style for sarees new and old. We bring to you some drape styles that you have to try this festive season. Spellbind everyone with the stylish glare these drapes create when you adorn them on yourself. Have a look:

The oomph of a saree is best brought out, in this basic drape style which is sure to accentuate your figure and add an element of elegance. The well-arranged fall tumbles to and fro every time you take a step forward and the rear half encircles your waist to cross your torso and falls beyond your shoulder. The width of the saree covers the arm at the shoulder at which it is pinned and the whole ‘look’ is very concealed-sort yet sensuous. Adorn this beautiful style with a deep neck or back-less blouse.


Add an edge to your normal saree draping technique with this unique style. Wrap the saree around the waist and pleat it well at the centre, so as to create an appropriate fall. Take the rest of the saree and create pleats across its width. Now take this pleated length of the saree neatly, and run it across your torso diagonally, pinning it over your shoulder. All this while make sure that the point at which it takes the turn to reach your other end of the shoulder, the fall must hang loose besides your hip to add a touch of sensuality.


Underscore your alluring figure in this sophisticated drape style that is as easy as it gets. Do the usual ritual of wrapping the end covering your waist and make symmetrical pleats that tuck themselves in against your waist. With the remainder length of the saree, create vertical/lengthwise pleats and encircle the around your waist, pinning them over your diagonally opposite shoulder in a neat setting. Now work with the ‘pallu’ of the saree, that falls beyond one of your shoulders. Take the ‘pallu’ to run across your back and tuck it inside at your other arm.  Dazzle the occasion with elegance.


Follow the unconventional path, and have them all oogle at the pure sophistication of this drape style. Sheathe the saree around your waist line in the general fashion followed by creation of drapes which are tucked against your navel at the front centre. With the read of the saree, create vertical pleats and run it diagonally upwards at your back and pin it down at the shoulders. Let the intended ‘pallu’ fall at the front. Team this style with a saree that comes with a well-designed blouse to go with it.

  Ready to enjoy that lime light with these stunning saree draping styles, are we?