Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Online Flea Market: The Ethnic Route

It would not be wrong to say that we as woman are born shopping experts, bargaining being our birth right. However, with the advent of online shopping the trend seemed to disappear into thin air. Nobody can deny the irrational psychological satisfaction that a female experiences after striking a bargain, whatever be the item of purchase.

In accordance with our pledge to catering to your choice, needs, happiness and satisfaction; we at The Ethnic Route have introduced a special flea market this Christmas. Yes! Dear ladies; bargain all you want on the following items and get them delivered at your door steps.

Your choice of clothing at a price that you want it at!

I.                    Go through the link
II.                  Choose the pieces you like
III.                Write in to us at
-          Subject: Flea Market
-          Your choice of clothing (the pieces you want) along with the price you are willing to pay.
-          Your contact number.

Can Santa be any kinder? We bet; not!