Saturday, 10 January 2015

What Neckline Suits You The Best?

Kajal Jain

How many times has it happened that you see a gorgeous piece of clothing but on someone who does not do justice to it at all? It is not necessary that a thing that looks great of the mannequin will suit you as well. Everybody has a different body shape and silhouettes/cuts of garments are in place to suit that shape. Not every cut or silhouette suits every person.
Here are some rules you must consider while choosing a neckline for yourself. Choose wisely:

Round Neck

A Round Neckline can be of two kinds: Crew Neck and Scoop Neck. While crew neck line essentially lines the base of your neck, a scoop neck line exposes most part around your neck and is broader than the former. Crew Neck line has made a wild come back this year.
While the crew neck line covers most part of the area above breasts and give the illusion of a fuller body; people with leaner upper halves and long necks look well in them. Scoop neck line exposes a certain amount of skin around the neck and can work well for people with heavier upper portion and shorter necks. Settling for adequate length of the scoop can be tricky, we advice not to go too deep as it would be soliciting attention to the problem area. Scoop necks also create the allusion of larger shoulders, suit yourself ladies!
Square Neck

If vouching for safe play; this is your chance girlies. A square neck line is universal in its approach and suits almost all body types. It exposes the collar-bone area and makes a fuller body appear leaner. Ladies with heavy cleavage area are successful in taking the focus off with this neck line. This neckline works equally well for people with a leaner frames. The neck line also makes your shoulders appear less broad. However, it is best that you avoid this particular neck line if you have a square shaped face.

A V-shaped neckline creates the illusion of a leaner figure and hence is a good option for body frames with many problem areas like O-shaped, Hourglass and Apple –shaped bodies. The neck line takes the focus to the face and away from cleavage if the V is small. In case the V is long, the focus shifts to the breasts and this style is recommended for people with leaner upper frames or Pear-shaped bodies.
Sweet-Heart Neck
This neckline forms its base at the bust line and hence works great with accentuating the cleavage area. People with narrow shoulders can create and enhanced look by opting for this neck line. People with heavy upper frames opt for this style as it provides maximum coverage and full support.
This neck line works best with round and oval shaped faces.
Halter Neck

This glamorous neck style is perfect to accentuate your broad shoulders. However, women with bulkier shoulders might want to avoid this one. As it creates and illusion of a heavier/ fuller body it is advised that only ladies with slender upper frames opt for this one in particular. If you have a pear-shaped or simple h-shaped frame, it is a definite must try for you.
Boat Neck

Boat neckline is known to look best of women with leaner and long necks. Women who have smaller faces can also work it well with this neckline. Since this neck line creates an allusion of a broader neck line; women with smaller upper portion stand to benefit the most with this one. This is one neck line which takes the attention away from your bulky shoulders to your centre.
Turtle Neck

Turtle necklines cover the length of the neck and thus are not suitable for stout-necked women. People with long necks and faces are best suited for such neck styles as this one. Since the fabric covers most part of your upper body; this neck style makes one look fuller than they already are. If you are endowed with narrow shoulders along with unflattering cleavage; this is the style that would suit you the best.
Chinese Collar Neck

People with slender necklines, distinctly visible collar bone and a heavy upper portion can easily tackle this problem area with Chinese collar style. This style accentuates your figure while giving nothing away. The visibility of collar bone with the length of the neck creates an illusion of height and thus takes the focus away from the breast area. All types of faces work well for this particular neck style.
So, which one are you choosing?