Friday, 28 November 2014

A Smart Shopper’ s Guide : The Ethnic Route

STEP I: Get onto

The most important thing for you to do is to log onto the website , which you know has always been a store house of surprises.

STEP II: Control Yourself

Looking at all the gorgeous pieces curated beautifully at the website may dazzle you, but remain in your senses; ladies.

STEP III: Look Around

Curiosity as we all know; kills the cat. So give yourself the liberty to look around and explore.

STEP IV: Avail ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’

Being a smart woman; you would not want to rather would not be able to resist an offer like this. So, use the code ‘BUYFREE’ and gratify the desire.

STEP V: Do Not Stop

An uninvited ‘mixed emotion’ might suddenly occur to you and confuse you. Dump it and continue.

STEP VI: Shop at Flat 2999 Store

Furthermore, be enthralled at finding this crazy-daisy offer at suits and jump onto it. Add stuff to your cart.

STEP VII: Try to checkout. But don’t.

Move forward, towards the check out. Please do and then when you are almost there, look back.

STEP VIII: Shop for fine leggings at Rs 499.

Look back and you will find these amazing leggings at throw-away prices. Your eyes will have a distinct bling now.

STEP IX: Place all orders.

With carts loaded, make the payment and check out.

STEP X: Wait to blow minds with your purchases!

Hurray! Now wait for everyone to be star-struck when you adorn your beautiful purchases. Sizzle Hottie xoxo.