Monday, 17 November 2014

Wedding Hair Dos- The Look Book

By: Kajal Jain

Yes, it is true. Hairstyles can be the defining factor of the overall look you decide to carry. No matter you have hair that are long or short in length, you can revolutionize the way you look just by doing your hair a little differently. Here are some hairstyle ideas which are a definite must-try this wedding season:

Side Buns

Perfect for triangle and long faced people, side buns are in this season. The best part about side buns is that they are convenient to dawn for even short haired women who face tough time while experimenting with hair styles due to lack of hair volume.

Center Buns
Square faced women look good in centre-placed buns. A full centre bun needs mid-length hair. Additionally, use of accessories and some back combing can provide the much needed volume for an enhanced look.

Oval-faced women rather all-shape faced women look gorgeous in semi-open/open hair. Longer the length, more gorgeous these hair styles look. However, it is essential to tame these strands before trying out any of these, showcased below.