Monday, 24 November 2014

Things Your Party Clutch Must Have

        1  Mirror

There is no denying the fact that we all check ourselves in the mirror before leaving the house for party or any other gathering, even office. But what about ‘after’ leaving the house? What if that slow stroke of breeze through your hair massacred the beautiful hair puff you meticulously prepared? Or if a single chip chapped that magenta lipstick onto your pearly whites? What if? For all these answers and all your crazy scepticism keep a mirror handy in your party clutch, so that you can undo the damage before you enter the party to dazzle it with your presence.

         1Teeth Strips

It is not-so-awesome when flash ‘dirty-yellows’ at an admirer instead of ‘pearly-whites’. But yellowness of your teeth at the end of the day; due to all the eating is something you cannot control either. What you CAN do is to keep a strip or two of teeth whitener in the party clutch. This quick fix makes your yellows turn white in minutes and blesses you with a smile to die for. 


Many of us woman have this crazy habit of consciously and unconsciously eating away our lipsticks. It just happens, it just does. While you find ways to get rid of this habit and to prevent this from happening, what you can do is to carry that lipstick in your party clutch so as to facilitate a quick touch up whenever the need be. Keeping this thing handy never goes waste, as some shades can even double up as a cheek blush in times of dire need.


      A water-proof Kajal is one make up essential that must be handy for all times till you are on the death bed. So, most obviously it makes an entry into the party clutch that you would be carrying for night out. Pollution, uncalled for emotional drama or sometimes even a hilarious assembly of words with strategic delivery can cause your eyes to water accompanies by other reactions. Resultantly, you finely lined Kajal laden eyes might lose the black element and these are the times when this beauty equipment will comes handy.

            1 Mascara

While a regular day make up does not require one to use mascara essentially, party scenes do. Sometimes, fluttering lashes make more of hints than even the spoken words and this is the prime reason you need to have mascara in your party clutch. You never know if it is a date with destiny tonight? Better come braced like an optimist. 

            1Perfume Miniature

Remember all the talk about first impressions? Smell is an important aspect of that impression. Humans have a distinct capability where they can relate situations to smells and thus experiences. So, if you want to make that first meeting count just spray a little magic potion just before you see him and trust us it will be a ‘hit.’

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