Sunday, 25 January 2015

What Actually Does A Woman Want?

Kajal Jain

Yes, we know you two love each other but still life with them ends in arguments and disappointments, which our relationships offer us. There must be things that you are doing wrong, things you should have been done otherwise. But your man probably has no clue exactly what is he doing to offend the woman in his life. However, we do. And we plan to take the reins in of your not-so-happy-not-so-sad, mediocre quality relationship in our hands now. Here is a list of all what a woman wants from her man:

5. Respect her

Maybe it is not just about the woman of your life. Maybe it is the right of every individual to live with dignity and respect. Many a times, people come with a fragile nature and tend to take offense in every little thing that happens. It varies from person to person. As she is your partner, you as her ‘man’ should be the person most close to her and should thus get insight into her nature. One must take care that no words; intentional or unintentional offend her. This will generate an innate confidence in her that she is respected by you and will bring harmony to the relationship.

4. Trust her

Women believe that trust is the basis of every successful relationship. Hence, they expect that they command your complete faith in them. While dating, nobody likes a man snooping around the restaurant while you are dining with a colleague, or scrutinizing through your private mail box while you are relaxing yourself over a bubble bath. Distrust is a turn off in itself and would show itself in the sharp decline of passion between you two. However, a little amount of faith can even help sail a sinking boat through the storm.

3. Pay Attention

The fact is humans crave attention. Women being the super-humans that they are, ask for a little more than that. Commanding attention is directly related to their own value in your life. The more you value them, the more attention you pay, regardless of the circumstance. Weather it is a trivial conversation that you both are having or a new dress she got for your date night, paying attention will get you a long way. Little things like these make big differences.

2. Never lie
Transparency is the secret of happy relationships. You probably cannot ever completely undo the effect that the knowledge of a lie will cast on her heart and mind. It would almost account to infidelity in her mind. Also, you can never hide a lie forever, truth always triumphs and there are chances it will trample your relationship based on lies with its power. On the other hand, speaking even the bitter truths can strengthen your relationship with building mutual trust.

1. Love her

They say that if you believe in love, expect a miracle. When everything else fails to work, the power of love will come to rescue your relationship from falling apart. Love is very much a pragmatic idea to save the relationship. It works in simple ways. Ego/Selfishness is one of the major causes of the tussle between partners. When this ego gets subdued by the power of love, the relationship will know bliss.

Don’t you agree, ladies?