Wednesday, 4 February 2015

7 Sexy Ways to Rock That Eyeliner

Kajal Jain

February is a month of social activity with town abuzz with social events and gathering that we need to attend. While getting dressed and putting make up is mandatory for all such occasions for any modern woman; experimenting with it is what fetches attention.

Its growing craze among woman and the absolute beauty and definition it provides to the eye; brought eyeliners into the list of ‘makeup essentials.’ Liquid, Gel and even Pens; liners are available in a variety of type and colour options. Naming the best eyeliner would be a simple subjective exercise which varies from person to person. Today, we bring to you 8 different ways to put eyeliner that you must try:

I.  Black & Silver Double Winged

II.  Simple Black Double Winged

III. Black Winged Liner

IV . Black Inverted Wings

V.  Black Short Winged Liner

VI. Winged Outline

VII. Classic Old Egyptian Look