Saturday, 12 September 2015

Hairstyles to Rock Bad-Hair Days

Hairstyles you carry through the day can decide if you 'make it' or 'break it.' After all, the way you do your hair are definitive of a certain personality and thus are of crucial importance. In normal life routines, one can sometimes be too busy to shampoo their hair or maybe even maintain them for a while. What then is your remedy to deal with such adversities and to turn them around?

We bring to you a list of fabulous hairstyles to rock those bad hair days:

When the mess around your head really gets out of hands (read combs), just roll the shabby mass into a messy kind of bun with some braided edges. This chic style is as easy to adopt as gorgeous it looks. A few twisted knots and a pair of funky tic-tacs and you can rule the world.

Disastrous unruly hair are best tackled when tied down in intricate braids. Just take the scattered strands of your hair and tie them up high in a pony-tail. If the tail is not that appealing as it ought to 
be, just braid it down till the end and rock this one with some casual western clothing.

If you are one of the few lucky woman, bestowed with wonderful silky straight hair bad-hair days can not deter you. Comb it up all nicely to de-tangle them completely, then tie these silk-like strands into a tight top knot. Guess what? Evening an evening gala event awaits a look as crisp as the tight top knot curates.

On the days that make you feel less like a queen, throw on a braided crown and revel in its glory. Bad hair are best managed in forms of braid, to add some zest pin those braids up into a crown and rule the world around.

When a day of excessive sweating, humidity runs havoc on your natural silks, just braid the up fronts and leave the rest loose to ease your looks. This kind of style complements traditional as well as western outfits with equal vigor.

For days worse than nightmares, get that funk out and carry a hippy turban covering the most unruly parts of your hair. Not only this style looks happening but also creates an air of distinct playfulness. 

Who would have known Bad Hair days were this much fun!