Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Two Month Beauty Regime Every Bride Needs to Follow

With your wedding around the corner, it is all the more important that you take good care of your physical appearance and mental well-being. With only a little discipline and effort you can succeed at attaining all things at your natural best like a good skin, luscious body and healthy hair etc. The only thing which would come handy; if you plan to make his heart skip a beat is your natural beauty, and here is ‘The’ regime you should follow to enhance it:

Skin food

Relieve your bathroom shelves of the various toiletries that claim to be a savior. Make a paste of Gram flour, Milk and a little Rose water. Gram Flour is known for its exfoliating qualities. Milk shrinks your pores and makes the skin smoother. Apply this paste before bathing instead of your normal body scrub; and see the magic happen to you. Add a pinch of turmeric powder, for excellent results.


In the books of self-care night care is weighed as important as day routine. Mix one part water; one part vinegar and two parts olive oil. Apply the mixture on face and body instead of your regular night cream. In matter of time, this solution will leave your skin glowing.

Handy Man

Solitaires need hands to make them look beautiful . Take a spoon full of powder sugar in one palm and add a few drops of olive oil and massage for one full minute. Then let your hands relax for another three-four minutes. Cleanse your hands with a hot towel and find them glowing and supple after a week’s ritual.


Every night after you clean your feet with water and pumice stone to get rid of the dry skin; massage them with a dab of edible cream and cover with bandage or socks. Warmth will help the cream seep in and make it moisturized.


Luscious hair is every man’s fantasy. Mix one part egg yolk; one part honey and three part olive oil into a paste, and apply fifteen minutes every time before you shampoo.  This is your ultimate exihilr