Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Champion of Saree Draping and Her Simple Secret

At a time when most Indian woman preferred to confine themselves behind the curtains of their home, Kalpana Shah of Mumbai pursued her passion of playing 'dress-up' and let it evolve into a full fledged career. As of today she has got the who's who of the Bollywood and Page 3 on here client list, all ranting who great she is with drapes!

When interviewed about her secret to a perfect saree drape, she revealed small tips and tricks that can save your day and make you look absolutely ravishing. Find them here:

 Tie Petticoat on your right side, if you are wearing a normal saree with pallu on your left shoulder. Do the opposite in case of Gujarati style saree. When you have a net saree, tie it in the centre.

- When tucking your saree into the peticoat, start two inch right of the belly button.

- Always pleat from the edge that is going to flow free.

- The front end pleat needs to be 1/2 inch wider than the rest of the pleats.

- Make sure all the center pleats of the saree are equal.

Kalpana with her fetish for traditional Indian attire, says:

"My dearest wish is for the Indian woman to embrace her inheritance, her natural identity. And rather than struggle with it awkwardly, I would have every Indian woman wear with pride what I believe is a symbol of all that is graceful and beauteous – the eternally elegant Sari. I have had the opportunity to dress the crème de la crème of the glamour industry. I believe that a woman must be first and foremost, comfortable in a Sari. In other words her movements are not restricted with the fear that the Sari may get disarrayed." 

She launched a book called 'Whole Nine Yards' where she explained more than 100 saree draping styles.

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