Friday, 13 November 2015

5 Common Mistakes We All Make While Doing Yoga

We have all heard about of  the benefits of yoga -it ‘s strengthening , makes one flexible ,helps in improving posture ,aids stress relief and the list seems endless. Being so popular and widely accepted most people think they have got the basics of yoga correctly but what if you are inadvertently making the same mistakes that every beginner unwittingly makes? Let’s get to the roots and make sure that you are not making even the silliest of mistakes. Here are 5 common that you make while doing Yoga:

Mistake I: Keeping your cell phone on
Keeping your cell phone on is the best thing to do  when you want a distraction in your practice, which is best avoided.So switch the phone off when you are arriving for your yoga class or if you have an important call to receive keep it on vibration so as not to disturb others.

Mistake II: Letting it all hang out
A yoga class means a lot of movement that include some twists some turns, bending forward, backward and what not! Wear comfortable clothes that are neither too tight nor too baggy for maximum convenience.

Mistake III:  Not concentrating on SELF
Focusing on perfect pose and making comparisons is another flaw you make while practicing Yog. It is advisable to enjoy the journey while it lasts.If you keep comparing yourself to others you might force yourself into certain yoga poses which your body might not be ready for.There is no  perfect yoga pose but there is one which your body is comfortable in doing .Copy the basics and do your own thing.

Mistake IV: Holding your breath
More often than not when one is trying to get the pose right and trying to concentrate one forgets to breathe.Holding the breath leads to contraction of blood vessels ,creates stress and the exact opposite of what yoga intends to do.Whereas focusing on your breathing keeps your mind and body in sync.

Mistake V: Irregularity in your practice
Generally  one feels uplifted and exuberant after a yoga class.But at times daily life activities distracts us and often yoga slips to the bottom of  pile of to -do list. A consistent routine of  twice or thrice a week at the start and then gradually increasing the momentum to doing it daily will show you enough rewarding benefits that  would make you  stick to it in the long run.

     There is no such thing as perfection in yoga .Strive for excellence only then you will see the benefits that come with regular practice.