Monday, 9 February 2015

Awesome Date Ideas for This Valentine’s Day

Kajal Jain

If you found yourself looking for ideas on this webpage here, chances are that you have been badly smitten by the ‘love bug.’  Love is one thing that makes our life beautiful in ways nothing else does. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of this love that brightens up your life.
While couples indulge in various fun activities on this day to celebrate their togetherness, some of you might sort of run out of ideas about what interesting activities can be done. Speaking out of experience, here is a selection that we have curated:

Come to Coffee, Baby


And now after years of being with each other you do not know how to spark up the romance again? Try this casual coffee date that you arrange for him at the porch, lawn or a nearby garden. Take him by surprise when you walk him up to this breathtaking arrangement and loads of your time. Visit the old memories lane which you have left and discuss all that has been unsaid. They are wise who say nothing builds a relationship like communication.

Baking Love


Searching for an activity that is fun to participate for both of you? Cook! Regardless of the fact that you know cooking or you are a miserable failure at it; just invite him to a bake date. You can even pick one cuisine that you are both new to. Choosing something new can bring you closer as you both stand at the same level of ignorance.

Camp Indoors


You know what is sexy? To camp indoors! Scooch the night time essentials into a small tent that you build indoors with some moon lighting and light music. Invite your one and only into the warmness of the scene and look at his face instantly lighten up. Use candles to zest up the scene a bit.

Couple Reading


Select a genre that interests you both mutually. Now arrange for a cosy reading session in a surrounding you both are comfortable in. You can grab some classic that you both have been dying to read for long or something that you have both enjoyed before but would want to read along with the other now. This one makes for a great bonding session as well.

Gypsies Drive


When the world decides to take to bed; take him on a ride he would not want to forget for the rest of his life, in your four-wheeler. This small night drive can even make for a memorable trip that you take. Simply take on the highway and drive away from the town till the dawn comes. Night long chatting, highway edible knick-knacks and some soulful music will get the love brimming just fine.

Mid Night Snacker


Nothing befits a mid night snack time as desserts do. Do an elaborate dessert for him/her this valentine day and let it be symbolic of all the sweetness they have added to your life by being in it. This sweet gesture will leave some fond memories with them.

(Two) You on Wheels

Want something that you have not heard of before as a Valentine Day date idea? Get a bicycle and peddle them out of the town towards the woods or a place of scenic beauty. Carry no mobiles, music or any modern accessories just two of you, together on those two wheels.
 What else would then be required?

How do you like these Valentine’s Day Date Ideas?