Saturday, 28 February 2015

Clever Holi Hacks Every Indian Must Know

Manishi Bajaj

Holi is perhaps the most awaited festival of the year and why should not it be? With all the fun, food and masti that it promises; this one surely makes for the most awaited Indian celebratory event of the year.  Lot of dancing paired with colors and merriment to go along with a carefree attitude that is a trademark of this beautiful festival that symbolizes the change of seasons.

But like every other good thing in the world, it comes at a price. A price, which in this case, is paid all through the next week. Irritable skin, those stains of colored water in places hard to reach and that color under the nails which just refuses to budge are some of the common difficulties faced by everyone after a well played holi.
Not anymore!! With these simple hacks, you will find that it is much much easier to make the transition from Holi to your normal lives the next day.

HACK I: Be a Washing-Genius

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If you are caught off guard and become a victim of colored water balloon then we have a few handy hacks for you. For you white clothes, use good old reliable bleach and soak it in hot water, then wash as usual. Use vinegar or lemon juice over stains, then wash as usual. Preferably wash your whites separately from your colored clothes.

HACK II: Remove stains while they are fresh.


How many times does it happen that street kids in their pre Holi celebrations ruin your precious everyday clothing? We know the plight. Hence, we recommend you remove stains while they are fresh. It goes for both your clothes and your skin. The older the stain is, the harder it will be to remove it.

HACK III: Make Your Own Herbal Colour.


Holi can still be as fun if the colors involved in it are completely harmless for your skin. Make homemade Yellow gulal by mixing two parts turmeric and four parts gram flour. You can use Henna for Green color, use it separately or mix it with flour to get a different shade of green.

HACK IV: Oiling in advance will take you long way.

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This is probably the best and most important advice you can get about Holi. Do not step outside without oiling your hair and body, oil will work as a protective coat between your skin and color. With that, it can be easily removed afterwards. Coconut oil is the popular choice. 

HACK V: Don’t let your hair down.


Avoid tangles by tying your hair in a braid or a bun. Wear a scarf or bandana around your head for maximum damage control.

HACK VI: Allow Nail Paints to rescue your cuticles.

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Take extra-care of  your cuticles. Apply nail paint on all the nails of your fingers and toes. It will protect your nails from harsh chemicals in colors

Bhang won’t have as strong an effect on you if you are properly hydrated. In fact, drinking lots of water will help you flush out toxins from your body.

HACK VII: Indulge in Cold Water Bath after Holi.

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Hot water makes skin dry and can be especially harsh after chemicals coming in contact with your skin. We suggest you to avoid hot water and soothe your skin with cold or lukewarm water.

HACK VII: Keep Stomach full for Holi.

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Holi is incomplete without bhang, which will create the same effect on you as any other alcoholic drink would. So, do not chug down bhang with empty stomach.

HACK VIII: Stay dehydrated.

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Bhang won’t have as strong an effect on you if you are properly hydrated. In fact, drinking lots of water will help you flush out toxins from your body.

HACK IX: Do away with the Hangover using Lemon Water.

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Still Hungover? No Problemo! Lemon water will come to your rescue. Vitamin C and antioxidants present in lemon can help  in bringing you back to your senses.